Suggestions for interviewing providers


Interviewing Guidelines

The following is a list of suggested topics that may provide some guidance during the process of interviewing prospective providers:


  • Daily routines
  • Experience with children, and providing child care
  • Other children in care (ages, days in care)
  • Lunches and snacks (special dietary needs)
  • Outings (parks, library, walks)
  • Activities (crafts, stories)
  • Television watching
  • Behaviour Guidance Techniques
  • Sanitary practices
  • Safety
  • Location of play area and sleep/rest areas
  • Toys and equipment


Please note: If you are interviewing a Provider that is not, currently, caring for any TotLot children, be aware that a home safety check has not, yet, been completed.  The Provider has gone through an extensive application process including a six-page application form, a telephone interview, an in-home interview, and multiple reference checks.  All TotLot homes are thoroughly, safety-proofed before a TotLot child commences care.  In addition, all necessary equipment, such as playpens, strollers, high chairs, etc., will be provided by TotLot, for your child.