TotLot Equipment


TotLot provides each Provider with all the equipment necessary for the care of each child, such as:

  • high chairs
  • booster seats
  • strollers
  • playpens
  • exersaucers
  • craft supplies
  • some access to resource books and toy-lending library



TotLot Safety


At TotLot, we work with our Providers to ensure the safety of each child, by:

  • keeping updated police records checks on file for Providers and all other adults living in the home;
  • visiting Providers’ homes, unannounced, at least once per month;
  • safety-proofing the homes before children begin care and then following up with quarterly, safety checks;
  • ensuring that each home is equipped with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and a carbon monoxide detector, as well as an evacuation plan that the Provider practices with the children;
  • offering opportunities for Providers to complete first aid and CPR courses;
  • asking Providers to supply medical proof of good physical and psychological well-being, as well as updated immunization records for all persons residing in the home;
  • keeping records of regular pet immunizations, if there are pets in the home.