Benefits of Home Child Care


Home child care is the most common form of child care used by Canadian families. Licensed, home-based care offers many attractive advantages to parents and children. The most important of these is the individual attention children receive in a caregiver’s home.


Other advantages include:

  • choosing a caregiver that shares your own philosophies and attitudes about children and childcare
  • having the opportunity to get to know your child’s caregiver
  • choosing a caregiver whose home is conveniently located in your neighbourhood, or close to school, friends, or your workplace
  • the opportunity for children to develop a relationship with the same caregiver from infancy to school age


  • siblings of differing ages can be cared for together
  • home childcare is usually less expensive than other forms of child care and can be more flexible regarding the hours of care and the child’s routine



Licensed, home-based day care is an unparalleled form of care!