Applying to Become a TotLot Home Day Care Provider


We would love to have you join the TotLot family!  To begin the application process, click on the link to download our Provider Application Form. Once completed, email, fax, or mail it back to us. It’s that easy!


Print, fill out and mail.




Digitally fill out and email.



TotLot provides licensed home day care in the following areas:





Riverside South



Here’s how it works . . .


  1. Complete our Provider Application Form and send it back to us by email, fax, or mail.

  2. Once your completed information has been received, and we have determined there are parents seeking home day care in your area, we will contact you for a preliminary telephone interview.

  3. Upon successful completion of the telephone interview, we will schedule a visit for an in-home interview.  This provides an opportunity for us to meet you, and view your home day care environment.

  4. After successful completion of at least three reference checks, we actively work towards placing children in your home.


Please note: the completed application doesn’t guarantee a position as a home day care provider with us, as we reserve the right to determine the suitability of each candidate.

How TotLot Providers are Selected


Not just anyone can be a TotLot provider!  We have an extensive and thorough selection process when it comes to choosing our providers.  Potential providers must complete an application form, have a telephone and an in-home interview, provide excellent references, clear a police records check, be certified in first aid and CPR, and be medically-assessed as physically and emotionally able to care for children.


In addition to these prerequisites, TotLot looks for the following qualities when selecting potential providers:

  • demonstrates a love of children; is caring and nurturing
  • has sufficient knowledge of child development
  • has skills related to child care
  • has the ability to establish flexible routines
  • provides a safe and stimulating environment
  • plans and implements a variety of age-appropriate activities
  • provides nutritious, well-balanced lunches and snacks
  • is willing to follow the rules and regulations set out by the Child Care and Early Years Act, the Day Nurseries Act, and TotLot Licensed Childcare
  • is willing to work cooperatively with the agency and with parents
  • interested in continued professional development through workshops


A child care environment must:

  • be clean and safe
  • be well-equipped with age-appropriate toys
  • have designated areas for play, and for sleep and rest
  • meet health and safety standards set out by the Child Care and Early Years Act and the Day Nurseries Act, as well as TotLot Licensed Childcare